The physician remains the ultimate voice on this front clearly.

When condoms are utilized consistently and correctly they are highly effective in reducing the spread of HIV. As the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict certainly gets the right to exhibit his opposition to the usage of condoms on moral grounds, however when he deliberately distorts widely-identified and respected scientific results about the efficacy of condoms in slowing the spread of the AIDS virus, he creates unnecessary impediments in the global fight against the epidemic, and people will die, stated Terri Ford , Senior Director of Global Policy for AHF. The Pope should be reminded that those kinds of statements cost lives, and we thank the Lancet for doing this in its effective editorial on the Pope’s remarks. About AHF AIDS Healthcare Basis may be the nation’s largest non-profit HIV/AIDS healthcare provider.All these and more myths can only lead to destruction instead of cure. Hence it will always be advisable to visit a dermatologist rather than trying out products yourself. The most effective way to remove acne will be by checking out products from epidermis treatment centers recommended by their experts. So when I say skin clinics again, it is meant for branded skin care clinics like Kaya epidermis clinic which can be trusted. The experts in Kaya first examine your skin before offering you their products and treatments.