Churches a Good Place for HIV Screening.

Researchers found that women that are pregnant in hard-to-reach and rural regions of Nigeria who also were offered prenatal screening for illnesses such as for example HIV, malaria and syphilis at a monthly church-run baby shower celebration were 11 times more likely to get tested for HIV than those that were encouraged to get regimen HIV testing at neighborhood health facilities. The scholarly study was published Oct. 14 in the The Lancet Global Health. Even though simple, inexpensive and highly effective treatments to prevent mother-to-kid transmission of HIV are becoming more obtainable, one-third of HIV-infected women do not start treatment during pregnancy, resulting in about 210,000 new HIV infections in kids every year worldwide.After years of suppression, scientists finally admit copper destroys norovirus The highly infectious norovirus, or stomach flu bug, causes a very common illness, affecting vast sums of people who come into contact with it through contaminated food, water, surfaces or other people every year. Now, scientists have discovered that copper and its own a lot more than 300 different alloys don’t simply combat norovirus – copper destroys it. Simulating contamination via touch, researchers found that norovirus cannot survive on any dry surface containing a lot more than 60 percent copper. The results do not apply solely to norovirus either but to a variety of varied fungi and bacteria.