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He recommends that the second phase of the AFT laser skin treatment be performed after four weeks. After the treatment, you might knowledge some pinkness or redness; this is temporary. Also, some social people experience slight swelling for the 1st week, but that will pass soon. For the best outcomes, he suggests to his individuals to avoid the sun for the first 24 hours. When venturing out in sunlight, his advices to use at the least SPF 30 sunlight block following the laser treatment.Bulk PCR products were subjected to immediate sequencing and determined based on the 11/25 and net charge rules, as described by Delobel et al.6 For RNA, the HIV env area was sequenced from placement 6538 to 6816 and Web position-specific scoring matrix , and geno2pheno bioinformatic software was used to predict viral coreceptor use. In addition, an ultradeep PCR analysis with parallel sequencing was performed.7 Chemokine Receptors and Surface Antigens Mucosal cells were isolated from 10 rectal-biopsy specimens according to the approach to Moos et al.8 CCR5 expression was stimulated by phytohemagglutinin , and the cells were analyzed by way of flow cytometry with the use of antibodies against CD3, CD4, CD11c, CD163, and CCR5 .