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Approximately 70, 000 individuals in North and European countries America suffer from CF, producing it the most common life-threatening autosomal recessive disease. The aim of the study is to measure the improvement in lung function after treatment with NOxCureCF in CF patients a decade old and older. The study will also allow constant testing of the protection and tolerability of the dosage and delivery program. Prof Yossef Av Gay, AIT's CSO and a professor of microbiology at the University of British Columbia, Canada, says: ‘The ongoing studies, an outgrowth of the strategic alliance between Clalit Wellness Services and AIT, will strengthen the research and development in the critically important region of treatment of acute and chronic respiratory illness treatment with NO solutions.’..Outcome Measures The primary outcome was enough time to a first event of death from any cause, an urgent care visit for heart failure that required intravenous therapy, or a rise in the still left ventricular end-systolic volume index of 15 percent or more, as compared with the value at randomization. An urgent caution visit for center failure was defined as an unplanned outpatient or crisis department visit or inpatient hospitalization in which the individual presented with signs and symptoms consistent with heart failure and required intravenous therapy. Secondary outcomes included the composite outcomes of loss of life from any trigger or urgent care go to for heart failing and death from any trigger or hospitalization for center failure, as well as the separate outcomes of loss of life from any trigger and hospitalization for center failure.