In an interview with ABC News.

The recent news has sent the medication businesses and the medical community into a full scale PR campaign to correct the damage due to this new warning. Many doctors shall not end up being deterred from prescribing statins notwithstanding these fresh warnings. For example, in an interview with ABC News, Dr. Richard Honaker, a physician with the grouped family members Medication Associates of Texas in Carrollton, Texas, defended the medications, stating, ‘This news can make the treatment of my individuals more difficult and less effective. Some patients are reading up on their medications on the Internet always, and it appears they only browse the negative rather than the positive.’ Dr. Honaker’s disdain for discriminating sufferers was echoed throughout the news media by too many who profit from pill-pushing.Researchers randomly assigned a lot more than 4,200 women, ages 60 to 80, to consume either a Mediterranean diet plan supplemented with extra virgin olive oil or with nuts, or a low-fat control diet. ‘We found a solid effect of a long-term dietary intervention with the Mediterranean diet plan and extra virgin essential olive oil on breast cancer incidence,’ stated Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez-Gonzalez, a researcher at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. When compared to control diet group, the Mediterranean plus olive oil group had a 68 % decrease threat of developing breast malignancy over a follow-up around five years. The Mediterranean diet with nuts also reduced risk, but the results were not considered statistically significant.