Clopidogrel can be prescribed to patients with severe ischaemia of the heart muscle.

The final survey by IQWiG, published on 31 March 2009, concludes that combination therapy may decrease the risk of a coronary attack measurably. This particularly applies if the two 2 drugs are used in the first stage of treatment. An English-language overview of the survey is available now. ASA and clopidogrel should complement each other’s effects Clopidogrel can be an anti-platelet medication that is used in an identical way to ASA. It inhibits elements of the blood-clotting program, leading to a reduction in platelet clotting and of the next formation of bloodstream clots .A vaccine for cholera exists, but only works 50 percent of that time period and people who take it are only immune for 12 a few months, according to Taylor. Taylor believes that a even more effective vaccine could be developed by inducing the production of antibodies directed against the protein his research group has discovered, blocking its function thereby. This would inhibit an early part of the intestinal colonization process, and the bacteria would move harmlessly through the body. The authors acknowledge that in addition to GlcNAc, there might be other points of attachment that could still be responsible for allowing the bacterias to bind to the intestine, plus they are currently focusing their analysis to identify any the areas of attachment.