This somewhat mutant cattle breed of dog is officially known as the Belgian Blue.

Can be used by farmers to enhance desirable characteristics within their pets, explains the National Geographic Channel approximately the process. [It’s] all about handling sex. To generate these Belgian Blues over a century, farmers possess only allowed the bulls and cows with the best muscle mass to mate. And the result is a bull that weighs over a ton. The tradition of breeding Belgian Blues in this manner lives on. But today’s Belgian Blues are a lot more selectively bred, as technological developments have given breeders fresh insight into genetic adjustments.5 years that was at or less than their baseline fat, in comparison with 49.2 percent of those in the control group. The %age of individuals who lost at least 5 percent of their baseline excess weight was 37.8 percent in the intervention group, as compared with 22.7 percent in the control group.5) . In sensitivity analyses, the findings were robust. An evaluation that included weights obtained beyond your data-collection windows had outcomes that were consistent with those of the primary analysis , as did an analysis with adjustment for the real number of psychotropic medications.