Including data matches with commercial and government insurors.

AMA awards HMS contract for third party recovery activities Today announced that it turned out awarded a contract by the State of HMS Alabama Medicaid Agency to provide various third party recovery activities, including data matches with commercial and government insurors, commercial and Medicare recoveries, real-time pharmacy price avoidance, subrogation, and credit balance audit services. This contract is for a two-year term, with three additional one-yr renewal options..Scott Reuben, fabricated the data used in over twenty pharmaceutical studies published in peer-examined medical journals. Browse the full NaturalNews report on this topic here: These studies promoted the safety and ‘benefits’ of medicines like Bextra , Vioxx , Lyrica, Celebrex and Effexor. The lead researcher on these scholarly studies, Dr. Scott Reuben, had been paid by Merck and Pfizer, therefore there’s a verified economic connection between this clinical researcher and at least two of the drug companies that benefitted from his fabricated findings. . These so-called ‘science journals’ claim to be peer-reviewed, this means these studies were accepted by multiple researchers who agreed with the results. What this scandal reveals is that peer-reviewed medical journals cannot be trusted to create truthful even, accurate information regarding pharmaceuticals.