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‘Society must share with its members some of the ‘cost’ of adopting and preserving an active lifestyle,’ they add. The analysis included data from a 1999-2000 random telephone survey of 8,353 Los Angeles County citizens. The survey participants, all adults, were interviewed in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese. The Los Angeles findings mirror those of various other studies, which suggest 30 % of Us citizens get little or no regular weekly exercise.Carrying out a hysterectomy you will not have the ability to conceive and will enter the menopause immediately. 2) CHEMOTHERAPY: – This kind of treatment entails using anti-cancer medication to shrink or kill the ovarian tumour. Chemotherapy isn’t as effectual as surgery but is normally used to reduce the probability of the ovary cancer returning after surgery. Unfortunately there are a true number of side effects associated with this type of treatments including hair loss and vomiting. However, these relative side effects are only temporary and subside once the course of chemotherapy ends. 3) RADIOTHERAPY: – This type of treatment consists of aiming high energy radiation beams at the ovarian tumour.