ACD launches RNAscope Formalin-Fixed.

It does not require any expensive instrument and the staining results are archivable and can be visualized and interpreted under a bright field microscope. Unlike the sooner version of the assay, this clinical-grade assay can be transitioned from translational research into clinical diagnostics seamlessly. Over the last several years, IHC and FISH technologies have already been developed to detect proteins and DNA in situ, respectively. But reliable detection of RNA in situ remains difficult, in routine clinical specimens especially, said Dr.These accumulations are indicative of the severity of the disease. As the condition progresses, retinal sensory cells in the central eyesight area are damaged, resulting in loss of central vision. The cell biological mechanisms underlying proteins accumulations remain largely unknown. For the first time ever, today’s research showed that AMD is connected with impaired lysosomal autophagy, which is an important clean-up mechanism of the fundus of the optical eye. This renders the cells in the fundus of the optical eye unable to dispose of old, deformed or elsewhere faulty proteins, which, in turn, leads to the development of proteins accumulations and lack of vision.