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A spokeswoman for the Carlos III hospital said neither of the doctors, nor the girl husband – – who’s also under observation – – has shown Ebola symptoms. The doctors tended the nurse, Teresa Romero, before she was diagnosed as having Ebola on Monday. Two other nurses in quarantine are awaiting checks for the virus. Spain places down Ebola patient’s dogWorld Bank warns Ebola could strike economy hardU.S. Clinicians figure out how to battle Ebola in AfricaOne of the doctors, recognized by Spanish newspaper El Mundo as Juan Manuel Parra Ramirez, admitted himself for monitoring voluntarily after writing an internal letter suggesting he had concerns over a defensive suit he was offered to examine Romero. CBS TODAY Healthwatch Inside the CDC medical workers’ training facility The World Health Organization says more than 200 workers have died attempting to curb the Ebola outbreak.Adolescent girls with chronic conditions were much more likely to make an online search than girls without chronic conditions. Where no more than 11 % of girls with conditions were not using the Internet, 15 % of their peers weren’t. Of young ladies with chronic conditions, 4. On the other hand, adolescent males with chronic conditions did not have any significant variations in their Internet use than their peers. Suris said the difference between your boys and girls had not been that surprising. ‘Girls make an online search for socialization while males use it for video games,’ he stated.