10 Foods You Want to Avoid During the Holidays Step away from the table.

Another great pretender. Two great vegetables and, at one well-known restaurant, 905 calories plus 1000 more milligrams of sodium than the daily recommendation. 9 – Dark Turkey Meats with Skin. Dark meat with pores and skin – that’s about 70 more calories than white meats without skin. The skin alone can offer 44 grams of total fat. 10 – Yule Log – The type or kind you Eat. It’s made with chocolate, heavy cream, butter and sponge cake. Betty Crocker’s recipe has almost dual the amount of sugar the American Center Association recommends for a day – plus about 420 calories.Sufferers with Addison’s disease can suffer a range of symptoms, including fatigue, dizziness, weight loss, muscle weakness, mood changes and the darkening of parts of the skin if they don’t receive treatment. The most famous Addison’s disease sufferer was John F Kennedy, nonetheless it is a comparatively rare condition, affecting about 1 person in 15,000. An adrenal crisis is certainly a potentially life-threatening condition which occurs when cortisol amounts fall dangerously low, requiring an immediate injection of hydrocortisone.5 percent being treated in intensive care. Two individuals passed away from adrenal crises during the study. The study also discovered that many sufferers were unprepared to deal with the threat to life shown by crises and further patient education programmes may be warranted.