And its farmers are far worse off becauseo f it right now.

But rather than produce prosperity and food independence, this takeover by the chemical substance industry provides essentially enslaved a nation that previously took treatment of its food needs without needing to rely on profit-driven corporations for seeds and inputs. It is quite tragic that on Globe Food Day, huge agrochemical businesses who wrested aside farmers’ rights on seeds, caused environmental degradation and pollution of our valuable genetic resources are put in high regard, while little and resource-poor farmers who nurtured the seeds and who feed the population are remaining landless and starving, says Dr. Chito Medina, MASIPAG’s nationwide coordinator, about the travesty.Mercury Cardiovascular and Exposure Risk Factors Mercury concentrations correlated modestly with seafood consumption , a discovering that is consistent with the multiple, varied dietary sources of selenium. In bivariate analyses at baseline among the controls, higher mercury concentrations were connected with a more regular prevalence of hypercholesterolemia, slightly lower body-mass index, higher levels of physical activity modestly, greater alcohol use, and lower total energy intake . Mercury concentrations were not connected with age significantly, smoking status, genealogy, or absence or presence of hypertension or diabetes. Mercury Exposure and Cardiovascular Occasions After adjustment for matching factors, participants with higher mercury exposure did not have a higher threat of cardiovascular events .